Purposed, Not Scripted. | What You Didn’t Know About Living Purpose


There are a lot of unsaid things when it comes to the question of purpose. Most people misconstrue the true meaning of purpose and are getting confused on the mission of purpose on earth. It begs the insightful question, what really is purpose and how can purpose be achieved?

Every other thing you read about purpose is just the tip or maybe half a tip and something else. Little wonder you are still stuck on the true meaning of purpose. Paul Shola Oguntade slayed this with his heavenly knowledge.


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On Fixated Ignorance | If You Prefer The Taste Of Pineapples…


Culled From #ConvosWithEC

“A Lion is never bothered by the opinions of a sheep. So no, I’m not taking the fixated ignorance of these people personal”

These were the words of Dhee Sylvester, notable with his choice of words and expert thought opinions. If you are stuck on your thought Pattern especially regarding a situation, or you just need some thought provoking conversation to kick start your day, better yet, if you just need a  juicy spice of a convo, Dhee is your genius go to guy.
And for that, he made our SPOT ON for the week. Here is the hot slice of his genius head.


I don’t know if this practice is exclusive to Nigerians or if it’s a universal thing, but I find it extremely annoying when people try to blackmail you with your past utterances or convictions. I believe that you should have the right to speak from the perspective of how things are, rather than maintaining a stand you know is wrong just because you’re afraid of people calling you a fair weather person.

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IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE #6. | What Company Do You Keep?


Sign #6: Idiots Surround Themselves With Idiots

From as far back as I can remember, as a kid, I was always admonished, “birds of a feather flock together” and, of course, the very famous, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

The intent of these messages, and other similar ones as well, I believe, was for us kids to shun bad influences from peer groups particularly by avoiding the negative groups themselves and to choose friendships that promoted positive attributes.

Naturally, we gravitate towards people who exhibit common traits, interests and tastes with us and who do similar activities as we do. We tend to associate and congregate with these people.

Idiots are not exempted from this rule

One sign of an idiot is the level of dedication with which they seek other idiots.

This confluence of idiots, desperately seeking to outdo themselves in their display of idiocy, will tell them what they want to hear; gleefully argue with them about insensible things; facilitate the wasting and killing of precious time; encourage them to complain about problems they have never thought of solving; drag them to failure [I heard that failure, to some people, becomes more acceptable when they discover that “other people failed too”. This is particularly true of idiots].

Perhaps the most important function of the support system which an idiot builds around himself is that it fosters a mutual scoff at wisdom and lends credibility to inanity.

If a non-idiot chances upon such a congregation, he has two options really- to join them in their hearty feast of folly and risk being infected by the idiot bug or to simply walk away. If he dares attempt to teach sound knowledge, he will be promptly dealt with. He will receive the severest tongue-lashing of his one life and, if care is not taken, this wise man may begin to think that perhaps he is the idiot. If a single idiot is hard to convince, think of the miracle it will take for a congregation of idiots.

I think this is the most revealing sign of an idiot for a very valid reason.

Arguably, the easiest way to pick up, maintain and/or propagate a practice is through groups. If you want to pick up a trait, you mingle with persons who exhibit that particular trait. If you want to be wise, you mix with people who are wise. Simple and basic.

An idiot has a higher chance of being redeemed from his idiocy when he mixes with wise people than he does if he remains in the Idiot Union. If a person repeatedly exhibits idiotic tendencies, it is very likely because he is frequently within a system with a powerful force field of idiocy and which encourages the display of such.

There are many things one can do to stop being an idiot but the most important one, I believe, is to consciously begin to avoid other idiots. This, sometimes, may be quite difficult but it is a needful lesson we all must learn and apply in life. After all, who loves to lose a friend, especially a long time friend?

But I have learnt that as we grow, some associations must change. If we are not headed in the same direction, then what on earth are we doing in the same boat?

That you were important in my past does not necessarily mean that you would be instrumental in my future.

It doesn’t mean I hate you or that I would stop talking with you. No. It just means that I would spend very, very little time being around you. Destiny is calling. I must heed. Goodbye.

If an idiot says he wants to be wise, but remains in the Idiot Union, he just likes the sound of his voice and is only in love with the idea of being wise.

Show me a consistent, unrepentant idiot, and I will tell you who his friends are.

Akpoveta Valentine ‘t

Kineto Leadership Coach

He has served severally in Leadership Capacities in various Organizations and is a contributor to several Print and Web Media.  He is also passionate about nation-building. His pastimes include Critical Thinking, Reading, Group Discussions, Net Surfing and Writing. You can connect with him On Facebook.



Sign #5: Idiots Fixate On Problems

This is another most curious habit of idiots. Fixation on problems.

Before you read on, take a phone that is not water resistant and dunk it into a bucket of water. After about ten minutes, bring it out. My guess is that it is off. Right?
Now, I need you to do something for me. Look at the phone very well. Has it come on? No? Well maybe you aren’t looking at it hard enough. Try harder! Still hasn’t come on? Okay, try something else. Shout at the phone. It should come on. Hasn’t still come on? Oh, you’re not doing this right. Shout harder at it. Perhaps, the water has blocked its ears. Shout even louder. Didn’t work? Don’t give up yet. I’m sure you have heard that [silly] phrase- “never give up”. If shouting doesn’t seem to work, then begin complaining. I’m sure this should work.




I take an active leadership role in a number of organisations. One of the things I have come to realise is that problems do not solve themselves. I also realise that,

Looking at a problem, no matter how long, doesn’t solve it.

Shouting at a problem, no matter how high, rarely solves it.

Complaining about a problem, no matter how bitterly, hardly solves it.

So I tell whoever works with me, if you’re pointing out a problem, then you must suggest a solution- no matter how little. If you’re shooting down someone else’s solution, then you must bring a better, more workable one. So they know better than to come to me to tell me about a problem without telling me how it may be solved. One of the first things to do when faced with a problem, I show people, is to first recognise it as one. And then the very next thing is to begin to think about a solution or how to handle or manage or adapt to it.

I do not tolerate people who point out problems or just talk about them without thinking of a solution or of contributing to the solution. I do not tolerate idiots. You shouldn’t too.

Kunle Soriyan says if you say “Nigeria is a crazy country! Nothing works here! Nigeria needs help!” perhaps you are the one that really needs the help. We have known for 50-odd years that Nigeria is a crazy country. We have known since 1960 that Nigeria needs help. And you are just finding out? Really? Then you must be a blast from the past. And you must need serious help.

This is what idiots do. They stare at a problem with morose eyes. The active idiots shout about the problem. And the vocal idiots complain about it. But no idiots attempt to fix problems. They do not look for solutions. Their concentration is on the problem and the wish that it would go away on its own.

To an idiot, what should otherwise be the very basic concept of problem solving becomes one of the higher mysteries of the celestial system.


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Akpoveta Valentine ‘t

god versus beast? | How Do You Make It?

I know of a god; he is you and he is me. He is made of every essence possible but he has this Achilles hill…HE IS ALSO A BEAST!
One; Everyone I know, I mean EVERY HUMAN that my eyes and ears have had knowledge of- whether good, bad, ugly. They all need to survive.
Two; Much more, they all need to find expression and be the god they are.

Three; There is a struggle, a fight, a war…It reminds me of a story about some Jewish builders who were carrying out the construction of temple walls in the heat of an uproar. They held swords in one hand, mortar and trowel in the other. In EVERYWHERE and in EVERYONE here on earth is the beast and the god at war. For some, the god has more victory over the beast, for many the beast is at feast. It was Paulus Romanus code named 724 who exclaimed; “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from this body of death?”
I know of a god, he is you and he is me. He is made of every essence possible but he has this Achilles hill… HE HAS A BEAST!
Somewhere around 1210 BC, Dreadlock son of Judges, code named 1619 said these prayers before he committed suicide; “O Lord God, remember me, I pray thee, and strengthen me, I pray thee only this once…”EVERY lion I have met has at least a spike in his paws, and they are in four categories.
Some have adapted to it.  Some have their movement slowed down. Some others are not moving. The forth keep moving while they remove the spike one by one.
At some point, one could blame nature or creation for the imperfection and unfairness of life. Today it’s in your favour, tomorrow it is against you. We wake up one day to consciousness to discover the class of family we were born into, the personality type we carry, the habits we suddenly discover but know not where they came from, and so many other things. But come to think of it, that’s the way it is here on earth. Disequilibrium and chaos theory! The good question should be how winners made it despite the unfairness and imbalance of nature. Sincerely that’s my question to you. Excuses don’t cut it. Life has been unfair since whenever, embrace that fact and deliberately beat your portion out of life. Be aware of the beasts and seek creative ways to tame it.

Paul Shola Oguntade

Creative Director, AVAN House.    


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IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE #4. | Are You Investing In Time Or Wasting It?

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Idiots Guide To The Universe #3



Another sign of highly idiotic people is an undying and inexplicable love for inertia; for staying in one position either physically, mentally, or in any respect for an extended period of time and achieving absolutely nothing.

Idiots can waste a whole day away without pointing at one meaningful thing they have done, learnt or achieved. Hard as that may seem to you, it is actually true!

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IDIOTS GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE #3 | How Not To Argue With An Idiot

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Idiots Guide To The Universe #2

Never argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and then will beat you with experience.” –George Carlin.

People who are bent on making impact in life are too busy DOING and not caught up in idle TALKING. They are showing what should be done and how others may go about the business of change and improvement.

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Escape | Short Fiction

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The Juju In Your Village

How To Give Right Counsel


Ebuka walked down the stairs thinking of his dead twin brother. He had killed his twin, he was told. But he knew he couldn’t have done such a thing except in a situation as volatile as the one he had heard over and over again that led up to his twin’s death. Chidera, his twin, was a cultist, a point 3 in the Baga’s chain of command. He and his men had gone after an opposing cult in a fight which went bad.

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