I have been itching to write on this commercial I tag as silly. Funny is far form it because then that would make it silly funny. 
Yoplait is a kiddie kind of yogurt though from most of its commercials, it says everyone loves yoplait. I have tried the yogurt which comes in different flavours but it isn’t just my thing. 
First Eye: That year, NBC was very fond of showing ridiculous commercials, almost like it was planned to amuse my fancy. And on one of such nights, I discovered the Yoplait advert and I am like please what kind of commercial is this? This is the kind of advert that makes me dread the product or nod my head in disappointment when I come across it at the store. By mistake. How could you guys put such on Tv?
The er high five: The end notes following this commercial is the only best thing that happened and that is all there is to say.
The hmmm part:
So to top it, they came up with this commercial where an old man had to talk to a cow. I do not get.
You know it’s a cow and it may not get your point yet you still try to talk to it?
Why does he have to take a scoop of the yogurt and try convince the cow that its milk is the best? Even the cow is clueless. And the last part that got me shaking my head and saying oh my goodness was after his speech, he ran off thinking the cow would follow in pursuit. Perhaps, the advertising agency was trying to convince viewers that the cow didn’t like the whole idea of its milk being processed into a yogurt?
Was it supposed to be funny? Please it isn’t.
The other commercial that showed a family of four making hmmm sounds because they had a Yoplait was even manageable. Not this. Did you see that man banging the table though? Just watch this commercial and tell me if you don’t feel my pain.
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If anyone knows the company, please tell them to stop. They are embarrassing the confederation of animal milk production professionals aka the cows.
And the advertising agency they patronized or whoever gave them this idea should be banned.

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