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A man once discover a ladder that led to greatness and began to climb, he climbed so high that he got exceedingly great. Everyone marveled at his greatness and wished to be like him, there were people who had hopes of achieving every possible dream they could achieve but never had the means to, they strive day and night but they couldn’t measure up to standard with the man.

Finally, they begged the man to help them so they may move up the ladder and be great too. They pleaded with him to take them to their promise land, when he saw that the people wanted to be like him, be at the top and be great also, the man burnt the ladder of greatness so they couldn’t climb up his position.
The people stopped begging.

One day, he fell sick and needed help, he was up alone and the doctor to treat him was below, he called for the doctor but he couldn’t climb up because the man had burnt down the ladder. The man was getting sicker and dying, he called the doctor again.

Come up, however the means, I will pay you, so you can treat me for I am dying”

And the doctor replied, ” I cannot come up through any means, i am not a bird that can fly neither do I have the means of getting to you, for the ladder to get to you has been burnt by you. Except you jump down and receive treatment or you die”.

At this point, the man realized his foolishness, he had been selfish and didn’t want others to be great like him. He promised himself he would make amends, he had no choice but to jump, with that, he entered into coma.

There are certain essential lessons to learn from this story.

In life, you simply give a bit of yourself, a thoughtful act, a helpful idea, a way out of issues, a word of appreciation, a lift over a rough spot, a sense of understanding, a timely suggestion, a shoulder to lean on. You take something out of your mind, garnished in the kindness of your heart and put it in the hands and heart of other people.

This is building bridges and not walls.

Building walls would hinder us from being effective and making the world around us shine so everyone can live with open happiness, building bridges will not. Instead, it shows us that extending our hands and hearts for the good of others, for the general good of mankind.

On your way to the top, towards success, you would meet people, never build walls against them but bridges.

Bridges overflow to greatness abound, walls blocks it and makes everything stagnant and unpromising. The same people you met while climbing your ladder of success or greatness would be the same people you may meet  but on a different level if you go down the drain. Whatever you did to them, either building walls or bridges would determine a lot of things.

No man is an island. We need people around us,  we need to build relationships and connections, that is only possible by building bridges and not walls.

This next piece is about a man who owned mansions and was very rich, he looked at his neighbours and friends and saw how they needed to live comfortable and began giving, rendering assistance to them. The people were very grateful. One fateful month, he lost everything. He didn’t have a place to live and was feeding from hand to mouth. His friends and neighbours remembered his good deeds and how he lifted them up till they could stand on their feet and live comfortably. They gathered together and decided to help him, they contributed money and built him a nice mansion and gave him money for upkeep.  With tears in his eyes, he raised up his hands and was thankful that he had them.

What are you doing in relation to your purpose in life today?  Are you building bridges or walls?
When we see people that needs our help, are we building bridges or walls?
When someone needs a shoulder to lean on, need you to listen to them, help in their situations or extend that hand of giving, are you building bridges or walls?

Build a bridge today.

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