Do you remember how you zapped out of the exam hall and it looked like you read nothing and know nothing of the questions on the exam papers staring at you?

This is a blank state.


And gradually with time, you begin to fill in the gaps till you arrive at a whole.

A state of the mind that calls for re strategizing, mapping out your thought plans and taking a clue from situations and people around. This is also the time you decide who your friends really are and watch them afar, you also get to think about what aspect of life you should reconsider.

This is the time for some kind of life blanks. And no frivolity or wishy wash will pass through these blanks. Because it becomes irritant. Suddenly your attention span to some things becomes short and you get restless and a bit worried about nothing and something in particular. If you feed well, you can think well and reach out. If you feed wrong, you think amiss and end up polluting yourself and others with irrelevance.

I think it is someone who cannot properly harness his inner energies to fill in the blanks and feed well that goes about in all rounds wherever, spewing salad( a mixture of confused concoctions; my def), meaning unwell.

If you are not on the caution lane, blank states will mess you up.

You know the English exercises we once did were you are told to fill in the gaps? Blank states have this resultant effect. If you do not know the answer, you still have to pick an answer from the options. Even with a known answer comes the challenge question of how many you would get right.

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Are you trying to fill in the missing blanks? What are your options and how close are you to the answer?

Here is the thing about blank states, we usually don’t know the answers until it comes to us. An unconscious conscious state where it looks like a developing story yet to be born on paper. A not too soothing balm that still triggers little actions but with less weights and perhaps, long term significance. That’s depending on how the ball rolls in your court.

Blank states are not for everybody but it happens. Sometimes we go through a certain phase where we just sit back and watch happenings around us. A very burdensome state. It weighs a  ton knowing you should be doing something at least but you just can’t. Cross this state and you beg for trouble, nothing solid will showcase itself, not until you have fully immersed yourself and keyed into why such a state existed in the first place.

You cannot run away from your own problem, situations around you or even your state of mind. It knows how to pin you down, coming back for you. Because it is some kind of indirect calling nudging you towards something you cannot clearly define.

So allow the flow and let the time of this flow fix itself but not for long. Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horn and fix it yourself.

You want to lift a finger, say something but all you can is to nod and watch.
Blank states are also products of deep thinking and reflective thoughts.
And the result is a flow of thoughts that springs up great actions. That’s if you will yourself to achieve or will yourself to be forgotten.

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If you have to be accountable to someone to build this capacity, you had better, if it is to time yourself each day to do one major thing, oh the better. But doing all these will amount to nothing in the face of little or no commitment to achieve. And blank states are devoid of commitments. Tough one huh?

You see, sometimes we do not feel like doing anything just because certain situations or happenings will hold us captive from doing anything.
It is a state between relaxing and being on your toes.

And while it is a good thing to rest when you should, do not rest to rust. Fill in the blanks properly and watch as you grow full.

Then snap right back!

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