Move Bitch! | short fiction


Photo Credit : Google images
Photo Credit : Google images

Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want-“

“Shut up!”
Terrified, Kelly cocked her gun towards the girl’s head. Her voice made the demons wag war inside of her. 10 deaths over one week and still counting, 43 abductions for sell offs; it’s a great business and a silly girl under a police cover. She hauled the girl to her feet.
“Move bitch!”

She turned to two of her men, one of them had a serious look and a deep scar across his face. Molly eyed him in disgust. The other wore a dark shade that looked too big for his face and he gave Molly a cold stare that sent shivers down her spine.

“Get the cash bags and follow the side door” they nodded.
Molly watched as she was pushed down the hall that held various confinements of abducted girls wearing forlorn looks, three girls sprawled on the floor lifeless. She heard sounds but dizziness washed over her. Her refusal to be fed well for the sale should pay off.

“I have an escape plan”  Molly told her, she didn’t want to be sold one more time.
“Oh yea, tell me about it?” Kelly had replied indifferently.
She asked curious questions; unnecessary for the situation. “Are you a cop or you have a backup?”  Molly eyed her suspiciously, her reluctance to the escape plan was unnerving.
“No,I am not, we…. ” Two men approached them and took Kelly out of the prison, paying deaf ears to her pleas. She prayed the cops would arrive soon, her father was a cop who wouldn’t stop at anything to search for her. Shortly afterwards, the men came back, dragged Molly to a room and there she stood, cigarette in mouth, as young as she. Evil.

“I can’t believe  you are part of them, stupid! Molly yelled, surprise etched over her face. To think her captor pretended to be a victim, locked up right next to hers.
“No, you are stupid, you think you can escape? Kelly retorted walking towards her, rendering a slap. When Molly refused to answer any of her questions in an attempt to buy time, it got her furious, she laughed hysterically and tore off Molly’s dress in rage. A wailing sound started off in the background and Kelly could hear the surrender chant.

“Cops! I hate cops, damn it”

She knocked her captive out of consciousness with the butt of her handgun and made for the door, she turned the door knob and in a split second, changed her mind and headed for the back door.
Surrounded, Kelly decided to pretend to be part of the abducted girls, she ran towards the officer who pointed a gun at her and soon lowered it when he saw her sobbing.

“Oh sir, we were imprisoned for days and-” she panted.

The cop was more concerned for her than he should be and it was her moment. She reached carefully for her pocket knife but one shot stopped her dead in her tracks. It startled the officer as she turned the expression on her face, one of shock and confusion.

There, standing with a pointed gun, half naked in a raggedly torn dress, a visible bra strap hanging loosely was Molly.

“Bitch!” Molly uttered.


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