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Before You Kick start Your Brand, Note This

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Starting out an idea is not an easy job, especially with growing competition and other business implications. it is impertinent to note the necessary things needed to run an idea into a successful reality. Perhaps, you have no clue and you are tired or scared of launching out. You have clearly define your ideas but you seem to be lost on which way to kick off. Or just maybe you are yet to find out that idea that would catch your fancy enough to make you that successful entrepreneur.

Worry less, I would share with you something you are missing out.

Personal brands are fast becoming one of the most sought after areas and it is high time you put your great ideas to actionable use. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to feeding that idea, you are a brand on your own and there is always something that uniquely defines you and forms your MAKE UP.

  • WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? For some, this question is a problem because they have no idea of what they want to venture into or what they need to master. That’s another blog post for another day. But the key point here is to identify exactly what niche yo want to branch into. Once this is identified, the rest is fine history. Take steps to consistently practice this idea and become a pro in it. Move to question two.

  • .WHAT CAN YOU DO IN A WAY THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN? This is very well articulated, find that idea that no one else can carry out better than you can and make it a masterpiece genius. Creatively map out unique ways to dish out you brand products and services
  • WHAT SKILLS DO YOU NEED IN ORDER TO DEVELOP YOUR BRAND NICHE? You may fall short when it comes to embarking on a new idea you have no set skills on or advancing towards another line of career. Certain skills are necessary for you to develop in order to dominate your brand. You need to learn the skills associated with your personal brand in order to flourish at it. For example, if you want to become a social media strategist, you must equip your self in learning the tools like SEO, email marketing, targeted marketing etc. If you do not have nor develop the necessary skills you need to dominate your brand niche, you will slack. Consistency and practice are two key things that pays off here.
  • WHO ARE THE LEADERS IN YOUR BRAND NICHE? Study their content and every tool they use and learn their approach. If mentorship works for you, go for it. Employ the knowledge of those who have once been in your starter shoes and make adequate use of such knowledge information. Ask questions from these leaders, imitate ( NOT COPY) their approach while looking for ways to innovate your own style. Observe their style, find what strategies work for them and begin to effectively craft out yours. Using this method by questioning yourself on the leaders in your niche would give room for you to innovate after imitating these leaders. It opens more horizons into finding what will work for you.
  • DEFINE YOUR NATURAL HABITAT AND START SCRIPTING. Every brand has a natural habitat where they function  effectively. Will your brand be well known online or off line? Would you be known as a more obvious or discreet brand? Will you offer some services for free? Are you willing to collaborate? What makes your prices unique? What should your brand be known for? Where can your ideal clients or customers find you? Define your natural habitat where you can vividly practice and explore. Also start scripting contents on core concepts of your brand. If you are a fashion house, you should break knowledge barriers of what is fashion savvy and what not. Start identifying with topics, concepts and trends in your personal brand niche that would serve your audience. And be a badass at it!

These are the things you need to know before you kick start your brand. I have made it simple and easy by breaking down the processes.

When an IDEA crops up on your mind, it comes with a SPARK. this spark develops into a GOAL. And a goal is something you are trying to achieve right? This means to achieve this goal(s) you have a ROLE to play.

When you take steps to perform the roles associated with achieving your goals, you are on the path to observing a PURPOSE of need. It would then be your DUTY to follow it through to the end.

Remember, you must serve the time to enable your goals to manifest. You must follow a process of time. And your ideas are not for you alone.

Ready to start working out these processes?

click HERE to download your handy info graphic on how to move forward with your ideas.

Feel free to follow me up with your questions.


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