Once Upon A Prose.

“She likes to dance and take a walk by the stream most evenings, she is afraid of the dark but won’t admit it, her favorite fruit is apple…” Lara had told him, twisting the hair locks that sat prettily on her head,  he could tell she liked him but his blood lingered for her sister. He would take his time until she was his.

Michael and Farouk had played a bet; whoever talked to the girl first could go for her, so Farouk made his way and approached Lara to tell him about her sister.

When the day was shorter and the night seemed longer, Temi took her walk towards the stream. She noticed someone behind her, it made her heart skip. She walked faster but he soon caught up with her, placed a hand over her mouth and dragged her into the bush. He was strong against her resistance; he made his way into her as she wept bitterly,  her eyes dazed in utter confusion.


Farouk was in fury, the knife danced in his back pocket as he walked. When Michael told him he had won the game, he could not comprehend it until now . The news of Temi’s death had dealt him a serious blow. Lara had advised her to have the abortion which took her life; who would want a baby borne of rape? The poor girl sat helplessly at her mother’s hut blaming herself for her sister’s death. She would weep all day and refuse to eat until one day she was gone. She hung herself.

He watched as Michael approached him and slipped his hands to his back.
“Farouk, Farouk…” He said as he opened his arms for an embrace, Farouk closed his eyes and smiled. In a matter of minutes, blood tickled from his sides as he went on his knees, his face in horror and disbelief. Michael fell on the ground in a loud thump.

He looked at the motionless body of his friend and wept. He loved her even without  talking to her, everyone loved her and wept and somewhere at the far end of the town, the rapist wept too.


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