Another Story Message From Joseph.


I  look up just in time as the water splash on my face, the roof is leaking, it rains and i am cold. I have on a rag piece of cloth to cover myself, that is all I am left with in this prison after the queen tried to rape me. For I refused to sleep with her, I cannot commit such great wickedness against the lord.

“Art thou well brother?” I spoke to Titus, my prison mate, he is not looking good, his forehead forms a crease as his elbow prop against his thigh.

“Sleep eludes me brother” he said. I shake my head,  he is afraid. Four nights ago, the king’s butler and the baker both had a dream which i interpreted, it came to pass. The butler was taken out of prison and restored to his position, the baker was beheaded.

It is not my fault, none of this is. I interprete their dreams and it is this interpreting of dreams that brought me here. I sigh and look up to pray, i am really tired.


The birds were eating the leaves that serves as food for the sheep, i pick a stick and chase them away, i find myself in new clothes, i toss and turn, it’s Sunday and I wake up dreamily scratching my eyes.

Father will call me soon, I see eldest brother Robi, getting ready to go farming.


Breakfast is ready. Bread and meat with some milk. Bebe  finishes his meat but he has bread still, Father gives him meat. I have something to say, it is about my dream, I clear my throat to speak.

“Let us hear your dream son” Father said clutching to a shiny colorful material he held.

Titus gives me a cold look, he is perhaps offended that Father would listen to my dreams again.

” I dreamt that the sun, moon and stars bowed down and worshipped me” I say standing up, excitement edging up my throat.

“What kind of dream has thou dreamt?” Father queries, I look at him, confusion and surprise spread on my face.

Robi stands up, walks up to my seat and pats my shoulder. ” indeed,  thou eat plenty of food and it slips into your sleep, I leave.”

Bebe seems unperturbed, he is only ten. My other brothers are upset, i can see it on their faces and father remains on his seat brooding.

” Boy, shall thou indeed reign over us, with this second a dream?”


That was the last I heard them speak.

They sold me into slavery because the envy in their hearts couldn’t not withstand my presence. Behold the dreamer! They say with my father’s coat of many colours torn away from me. Now I am in this prison but I am not worried, I saw the future once where I found favour from the pit in Egypt,  my master put all in my hands, I see the future again. Me outside this prison walls where I’ll meet my brothers again.


There are no accidents in God’s plan and purpose for mankind. Let us draw a closer perspective. There are no accidents to the things that took fold in your life in the past, now and in the future. What you may call accidents and challenges are those things designed to get to your destination.

Joseph’s dreams were not goals or desires  he set for himself but purposes planned by God. On his journey to this purpose came challenges. Challenges that would somehow look terrible yet draw him towards his purpose, God’s plan for him.

If Joseph’s brothers were not envious of him, he wouldn’t have been sold into slavery, if he wasn’t sold into slavery, he would never have become potiphar’s servant, if he wasn’t potiphar’s servant, he wouldn’t have met potiphar’s  wife. She would never have lied against him.

If she didn’t lie, he would not have gone to prison to meet the other prisoners. And if this didn’t happen, no one would have recommended him to pharaoh. A course which lead him to greater paths, evidence of his dreams coming to pass.

Everything has a way it is channeled to work out just for you.

If you didn’t go through that, no one else will and one more time, something great that should have been wonderfully made and beneficial to you, would be lost.

Now you know what to do.

Strive on and believe.

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  1. Nice write up…..miss cole and congrat on your new web……God purpose for us is always positive, regardless the issue human just to strengthen us and at the end be at our dream land…joseph is an exam of such…

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