Am i a foreigner?
Oyibo pepe,
Rant along I hear,
Ask me again I say.

Am I a foreigner?
Belonging to a clan yet so detached.
See the very whiteness that wearies the many lot,
Has many beards chasing after my scary butt.
Yet it is my tide that I have to abide by this clan.

Am I a foreigner?
They say I cannot do this and that,
But in my thoughts, it is perfectly  fine.
To greet the soothsayer by telling him off,
His wrath may claim my life I hear them talk.

Am I a foreigner?
I erase nonsense as they come,
It matters a lot the brother downtown say
Get up from that bed, mother in law says
You are marrying the family, everyone rakes

Am i a foreigner?
Stay in the kitchen, it is a woman ‘s work.
I’ll stay by the tv, till we all find a fair share.
Don’t yell at me, I am not your mate!
Your age holds no wisdom so I don’t care.

Am I a foreigner?
You cannot do this to me and go free.
he chuckles, you going to sue me?
Nne, forgive him, he is your late father’s relative.
No, my tantrums will not be bruised prerogative

Am I a foreigner?
You talk and stare at the screen often, I am told.
A man wants a woman just for him alone.
Do you know what the world holds in my head?
I am aiming for the sun alright.

Am I a foreigner?
You say I am a pagan lying in state,
Messengers of the sunday service my mate,
Tell them I am not coming.
At the heart lies the service to the king.

Am I a foreigner?
Don’t call me aunty,
I am only twenty,
Don’t pound your chest on the floor,
Wave and hello should be heard the more.

Am I a foreigner?
Bush women chatter round the corner,
Casting them an eye asunder,
Hush, hush, learn not to bother,
Watch me as I make this place.

Am i a foreigner?
Everything seems in vague,
I cannot understand this clan.
I cannot undue its plan.
So i sojourn and pen it down.

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