About Enny

Hello! Thank you for being here, I’m Enny Cole.

Enny Cole Spins was launched in January 2016 though I started blogging in 2013 writing lesson filled stories using wordpress. Over the years, I have written creative stories, thought opinion pieces and articles on purpose  This is reflected in her work with Community Finessee, a group she created centered on building personal effectivesness.

Enny is rooted in the creatives, has a passion for the arts; drawing, singing, dance, music, acting-directing, writing, modeling are gifted avenues she has explored and served. Blending her knowledge, creating content in these sphere serves as a process towards excellence to provide inspiration and value. The blog, now revamped by a journey on clarity and focus is an outlet for her creative energies in visual works through creative-thought writing, style and art.

Today, Enny serves to project her personal style in bold, engaging and inspiring visual thoughts, elevate minds through writing, art and other related content.

All of this, accounts for the name spins Like a tree planted  by the river side that brings forth fruit in its season, whose leaves shall not wither and whatsover she does, she prospers. Spin is also suitable fancy with my mind’s personality, as a walking stream of life, with creative thoughts.

Let’s Collaborate 

I would love to collaborate in;

  • Blog writing
  • Style Posts
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Features, Sponsored Post and Giveaways
  • Brand and Content Consulting
  • Speaking, Ambassador programs, Events &Visual Works

You can reach out to me at ennycole574@gmail.com or @chocoleny


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