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A witty staccato of ink splattered across white space.

A walking stream of thought

Lastly, my favourite of them all: A talkative on paper trapped in a spinning mind.

Welcome to Enny Cole Spins!

I am about a few things and many things.

My name is Enny Cole and I am a Nigerian residing in the abroad; America. Over the years, I

have become insane with words, arts and innovation.I have a deep creative head, I am a

content writer who specialises in helping  people build ideas and personal brands. With many

others things in between, I love to savour the taste of juice on my tongue like I am sipping tea,

the cold is never my friend, you cannot deliver me from chocolates and I have no free time! (Technically? nah )

Enny Cole Spins was created in January 2016 ( about the time I moved to America), a break out

from using WordPress since 2013 when I first started blogging. I was particular about writing

lesson filled stories. Today, it stands firmly to  represent different versions of my self, most of

which you would encounter on this white space. I am a walking idea(s) clock, my thought

patterns are wired differently and the word Spin seems to catch a suitable fancy with my mind’s


I like to think I am magic

And magic is somewhat unfathomable

You would also meet me sharing content writing tips, personal brand strategies, taking

strolls from storytelling to lifestyle issues to doses of inspiration. You would see the other great

stuffs. ( Since the blog is in restructuring process…)

You can also read about my experiences in America in the Americana rants column or take a dive to my thought provoking/issues section called Spins. Other categories are also cool  for you to dig in. Check out my Once Upon A Time category for slices of storytelling and the Resource page will serve you many interests to learn from.

I am particularly interested in people, potentials and purpose and this blog is my reach out zone.

I’m currently engaged  with plans of launching on my community on a full scale, building

upcoming ideas, writing and writing great stuffs, my upcoming book(s) and online paper, working

as a media manager person for an online journal and helping two great individuals ( or more )

develop their brand ideas.

I can help you with copy writing/ghost writing, content writing, building and developing your brand ideas, developing brand concepts,  creative writing and editing as well as digital publishing. Have a project or business idea to manage? I am your go to person! I take on tasks like it is my own.

You would notice I can be very flexible with my blog because naturally, I am constant mover

seeking greatness( until I find it, not even a pinch would stop me) , obsessed with finding what

works, giving up easily and remaining on one boring lane is never my style. I would like you to

subscribe to my blog before you leave. Join me on this journey to finding what works and

spinning on it.

Feel free to call on me if you got a question, have something to share, want to collaborate or

put money in my bank account.




COPYRIGHT (C) Enny Cole Spins 2016-2017

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