The brighter days had receded into oblivion like battered waves, and with it came the sick economy that threatened the certainty of 3 square meals a day. Yet he was here again, like any other of the four thousand, trying to justify their existence with green bills.
Abdul sat across the lawn in deep thought, perhaps, he shouldn’t have come to work today, it was meaningless, he barely had enough fare to go back home and he was thinking he could ask his boss for some.
Mrs Okey, the gossip was in the office again, a stubborn obstruction to Abdul’s supposed request. She would rant about nothing and he often wondered how his boss coped with her prattling. Once, she had raised a false alarm about someone in the office who got pregnant without getting married; as if that was important. He dismissed the thought of barging in to table his request lest he becomes the talk of the town.
He didn’t know when Onome tapped him.
“Na wa ooh, na so you dey think? Na still this matter?”
“My sister!” Abdul laughed, “I tire for the matter, wetin we go do, if I see something better, I’ll just leave”.
“Well, I won’t be coming tomorrow, what’s the point, I don’t have anything doing” she said as she walked away.
“I can relate with that” Abdul shouted within earshot.
It was the usuals, everyone came whenever they wanted, it was a big problem left hanging. Abdul himself would not bother to come to work the following day, sitting at home and looking for other opportunities was better than the jobless and non payment of four months old salary state he was in.

Mrs Okey came out of the office and Abdul braced himself. He would wait 5minutes after her exit before going in to tender his request.
But in less than five minutes, Mrs Okey doubled back to the office and Abdul seethed in fury, with frustration smeared on his face.
She is a devil. He thought.

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