Daily Post; Giggle

girls giggle on a glitter
girls giggle on a twirl.

boys giggle? let them giggle on one toe,
or with a spank.

let us laugh and play today!
but wait…

Humans like to talk, kids, adults. Talking is a part of our lives. I am talking now and it is funny that i would be sharing this talk!
It is really dumb and lazy to find out that because you and i love to talk, some guys became billionaires overnight! doubting? check, Facebook? Twitter? Founder of Facebook is rich, rich! Became a billionaire in3years. You still want to be hard working huh?


Have you heard about betterthanpants,com? a company that creates baby mob suit that allows your baby to crawl on the floor and indirectly cleans it! it saves a lot of money on house cleaning cost they say! And people are buying, 40 dollars! What dumb and lazy idea that fetch money? tell me, does hard work pay?

What about pet rocks? someone sure brought that idea and is making plenty bucks off your ass! You are still struggling with brain work! Who wants to be hardworking again?

you can rock them to sleep!
you can rock them to sleep!

Okay, I am out.

but laugh today okay??

fake it at first, then make it real, try it!



Don’t be so serious, even Facebook isn’t! And Twitter just makes a lot of noise. Forget Instagram, we all showing off without having money…. oops.. heheheheheehhe


Daily Prompt Me; better late than never.



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