The Interview

He shifted in his seat, stood up and went towards the window, a sign of an impending uneasiness. He bowed his head and stared hard at the floor, hands in pockets, then he looked outside and felt a bit relieved as he inhaled deeply.

“Give me time to think” he let out.

Stacy was deeply worried yet unperturbed. He wants to think about it, now that’s annoying. She thought as she crossed her legs, the left on the right, then changed again.

She spread her hands neatly on her skirt to smooth it but more importantly, to clean the sweat forming on them.

Stacy let out a sigh, adjusted in her seat, tucked the hair that fell out to her face neatly to the back of her ears.

“If you still have to think, then you have no idea about exactly what you want to do”. Her voice deepened. She would have to outline the necessary things he ought to have known but may have indirectly buried within. Again.

“What’s up with you?” She asked, starting over.

He was startled by that question, he knew she never spoke that way unless she wanted to really dig in.

Nothing much, preparing for the future.” He replied.

Stacy tried hard to remain calm. “How? The future is here.

Really? How?” he asked and Stacy felt irritated.

Two years ago, you were still preparing for the future, how far have you gone with that? The time is now! And don’t talk to me about limitations; there are none except the ones you accept for yourself, any limitation should be crushed”.

Okay, but I have challenges and I know God will help me through it”

Was he even listening at all? She thought. Why won’t people leave God alone to do his work and they do their own?

Yes, God will help you if only you help yourself” she replied.

It’s high time you stopped groping on the challenges, focus!” Stacy pointed a finger at her head for emphasis, he stood there and blinked twice, as if he found it hard to comprehend her words.

“Focus on the solution or alternative solutions to those challenges. THINK!” Her voice was rising and she hated it.

Okay Stacy”. He said.

“Okay then what?” Unconvinced, she raised an eyebrow and shook her head. She wanted what was best for him,  but he was weak and she could sense it. How old is he going to make it again, 40? A fool at 40? Stacy winced at the thought.

He let out a strained laugh and said “what do you want me to say?”

You tell me” she stood up and headed to the fridge,  brought out some juice in a jug, poured a glass and offered it to him, he rejected it with a wave of his hand. This was progress however little, he shouldn’t even think about drinking anything right now. She thought as she let herself to the glass of juice, gulped it and sat back on her chair quietly.

“Now, tell me” she repeated.

“I will do everything possible within my power and with God’s help to come through”.

That was not what she wanted to hear. “when?

Starting right now” he said.

This time, he was sitting on the chair, his two hands were resting on the chair making him leap forward while he spoke.

“How?” she asked getting impatient.

Doing the right thing I am supposed to do…”

What are those things?” Stacy queried.

He started to talk about working his relationship with God, (who doesn’t want to work his relationship with God?) Working towards his purpose and visions in life ( what’s his purpose and vision?) taking his prayer study and life seriously, getting what is needed…

You are not saying anything as far as I am concerned. You are saying you don’t want to make things up and I am telling you that’s because you have no idea who you are or what you want to be exactly. You keep mentioning God, even God is waiting for your manifestation because he already deposited greatness in you and he wants you to act towards it or you are done for! So quit waiting and whining ‘cos God ain’t gonna come down for you”.

She talked so much in a hurry and Ted thought she was going to explode, she stopped abruptly and pointed a finger at him. Ted was almost frightened, his whole body shook in deep concentration and thought.

The problem is that you are clueless about what purpose you are really meant to achieve and you ignore the little ideas creeping on the corners of your mind”.

She had to relate with him this way so her words could sink into his brain, he is waiting on God so I’ll tell him what God expect of him since he has no idea.

“You see those ideas? God gave you. USE THEM!” Stacy almost screamed.

He nodded like a child, his face blank. Stacy watched him, head bent, obviously thinking hard, she could spot the veins that spread across his hands as he clenched his fist. She was tired. Tired of people like him not finding their feet, it hurts to know he is lost and clueless about exactly what he should be. But she knew she had to help no matter what else she would be damned. She won’t be able to live knowing that someone somewhere is dying away in his abilities.

“The future is here Ted, and it’s time to act, now!” she whispered tiredly.


#The Future is here.

#if you are sleeping, time to wake up.


6 thoughts on “The Interview”

  1. Nice post! The future is now! But wait oh…Stacy is harsh though!

    Thank God say Na fiction! I for don slap somebody hard today!….LOL!

  2. I feel so bad for Ted. Here’s a woman trying to redirect his life and yet he doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend her intentions. I feel so bad for him because it’s men like him that end up wishing they had listened.

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