Let’s talk about Dreams.  I know we have heard it all before so I took time to round up some key signal reminders to goal achievement and dream fulfillment.

1.  To DREAM is to have a vision which  is what inspires us to achieve greatness. On that pedestal towards greatness lies the ability to dream.

2.  DREAMS are conceived long before they manifest.

3.  DREAMS are birthed from PURPOSE; whatever develops your dream comes from discovered purpose.

4.  The period between the birth of a dream and it’s actualization involves a process; one filled with hustles and hassles.

5.  The beginning of a dream generates more zeal than wisdom, be careful and take your time.

6.  Elephant vision will take time to develop and manifest, keep striving at it.

7.  Keep in touch with God; your Creator and director in these matters.

8.  Every great dream is not for you alone; reach out to generations and make the world a better place.

9.  Humility is key at every starting point of a dream; possess it. Make the dream announce itself.

10.  Every great dream when realised is sweeter than you could ever imagine. Enjoy it.


In achieving your dream goals and reaching to your potentials, according to the  greatness you seek for, there MUST be a DREAM; a reckoning force tied with purpose. Purpose to achieve and be relevant.

Dream it. Everything begins in the heart and mind. Dare to dream, think big.

Believe it. Think beyond limitations and believe it can happen.

See it. Great achievers see their dreams coming through. A visualization that gives a positive hope of actualising a dream. Picture yourself achieving these great feats of dreams.

Tell it. Any dream locked up within you exists only in you alone. By telling it, you become accountable and it makes your dreams more believable.

Plan and plan it. Every day and every other time, make calculated steps towards achieving your dreams and work towards it. Hurdles would surely come but should never make it die.

Enjoy it. It’s your dream and its fulfillment should gladden your heart  and the heart of others.

Action Points.
A. Have a dream(s).
B. Do a thorough research on how to achieve your dreams, possible steps to take and people to meet.
C. Make workable goals, either weekly or monthly to achieving such dream goals and be committed to it.

How can we succeed if we never try? 27-simple-habits-to-give-up-if-you-want-to-succeed_20160113033326_1452656006791_block_20



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