There is no time for the nonsensical when you are building an empire.

~ Enny Cole

Hello, good to see you here

Before I tell you why I am trapped in a spinning mind, Let me ask this: How well do you see yourself first?

  • Maybe right now you are stuck, you want reach out to others from within but somehow you don’t know how
  • Just maybe, you have little or no clue on communicating your ideas or products and services
  • Or you do not know where to begin your goals

…and you are just stuck. Relax, I got you!

Do you know that great people communicate their greatness through platforms? You are a brand with a voice and that voice is the content you build up from inside.

Early 2016, I branched out from my wordpress to create this space for go getters, creative entrepreneurs, aspiring influencers, writers and bloggers, achievers, storytellers and fans of creative genius, people who love to read the great stuff, who want to effectively communicate their voice to the world and share their brand stories.

I created this creative space just for you.

If you need help with conveying your thoughts and building a personal brand image, this is the awesome solution to developing your brand. No hassles or serious talks just useful practicals, helpful materials, mind building interactive sessions and articles. This is why I take it personal and we handle it together.

If you love to read stories, your relaxation spot, you got yourself on the right track.

So I am asking you to choose yourself, it doesn’t matter what they say, what truly matters is the path  you tread and what you say. And stay clear to watch the impact of what you say. Do not drown your voice.

Join me on this journey as we learn to build what works together.

YAAY!  This is me, Let’s get into the personal scope

The whole point is that I am here to help you stop feeling stuck. I started my blog ( formerly ennycolesnippets) with the intention of building a formidable online creative community, I am still on this journey and I have grown to know what ticks.

My name is Enny Cole and i am particularly interested in building personal brand stories that will change the world. My strong believe in the power of people, potential and purpose has lead me to three basic paradigm that drives my core existence : Build the man to build the community, vision unveil greatness and the effectiveness paradigm.

I am very crazy about personal brand building and content writing.

I serve as Creative Director of Enny Cole Brand; a creative and brand building firm.

With other things being said, my crash book, a staccato of frenzy-fussy activity would write my about me as someone who is witty by default and trapped in a spinning mind, insane in arts, words and innovation.  A thought provoking storyteller, content creator/personal brand expert , inspiration and lifestyle writer who sleeps with one eye opened! What a liner!

I run a range of personalised services designed specifically to suit your needs. You want to develop contents for your brand or start one from scratch? This isn’t about me, it’s about you.

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Your Free Content And Brand Strategy Tips!

As well as other lessons untold, back in 2013, I started an initiative centered on personal mind building. I would draft stores that spoke to people’s mindsets and draw out their sense of purpose. It was all about purpose, defining your niche and impacting the world. I was always on the frontiers of helping people to actualise their goals, sadly, from my experience and interactions over time, not all have the creative mental force to pull through.

This is why I am here;

Today, personal brands are dwindling because clarity is far fetched and stories are growing cold.I will help you find your process and we will tell awesome stories together. I can boldly say this is the place that cares about what you say not some beige version of what they say.

What Can you expect?

Free access to practical and thoroughly researched strategies and experiences to move your brand and content forward. Building up your personal brand potential and content mapping strategy the right and practical way.

For starters who brood over how to manifest their greatness. Worry less, download the free cheat sheet : The Goal Notes, End of the probe”

And free yourself from the clogs of worry in fulfilling your dreams. Remember, You never know how it works until you take the side risk of finding what works. You never know until you try!

Spice it up

While we working on building your contents and brand, we also get some creative juice on. We tell stories. You will find insightful and thought provoking stories  here, different versions of realistic. It is your relaxing zone after a hard day working on becoming an influence authority in your defined niche.

Join the active community to build your mind towards becoming a world changer and expert thinker who defies the status quo and would make a great mark in his/her existence.  Join here

Why crawl when you can fly?

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You can also connect with me on these platforms and we can rub minds together.


Thank you for deciding to beat the odds and become greatness.

Till we meet again.


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