Hey Pal, Let us build an empire of greatness

Bien Venue!  I am so glad that you are here! On these pages, you will be enthralled and captivated with awesomeness because it is about you. From storytelling to brand mastery to content strategies, you will find this blog insanely insightful. I am particularly interested in build the man, build the community and I do hope you will a mark here on this journey and your greatness will be made manifest through these pages. Join me.

Do you know? That you don’t have to fall short of your potential?

For the first time since the umpteenth time, someone is interested in what you say or do. That someone is me. You are a brand even if you don’t know it yet! And I will show you how to command influence authority with your brand. Let’s find and build your unique brand voice/identity. Become your star.

How can something heavier than air float in air?

You are mad to even think of that!  The wright brothers went ahead anyway. The aeroplane was born. Insanity is not defined by pangolo beats, tattered clothes and worn out feet. It is how far you are willing to lose yourself to gain yourself. Life does not pose you answers. Ask the right questions and the answers will come. Here you will find thought provoking and mind building articles. Not the regular Jack and Doe you read on the internet. Ready to tap your pen?

This is why your content should sell.

Imagine a drug without prescriptions or a car without an engine. Without content, you may get there BUT you will not stay there. Enough of forming zigzag puzzles like a non existent word in a scrabble game. Let’s talk about how content is okay but valuable content is more important. You cannot ignore content and hope to get results. Get singing with the right content strategies for your brand voice. For free.

The art of storytelling is a powerful way to arouse our imaginations and like your favourite Snapchat filter, it colours how you see the stories you enjoy! Come, lets tell awesome stories together.

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